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Last tour finished

Well, the tours are over for the year, and we’ve had a great time. Seen so much, done so much, and learnt so much. Now it’s time to research the final details for next year’s tours. Today we leave this … Continue reading

A Train Journey

Well, just a small one!  We took an hour and a half journey on the “Train du Pays Cathare et du Fenouilledes”, in panoramic (open) carriages with a diesel-electric engine. This was the journey over the viaducts of the hundred … Continue reading


We stayed at the Alpenhotel Schwanstein, about 10 minutes from Hohenschwangau. A really nice little hotel, very friendly staff, and a good restaurant. we arrived early at Hohenschwangau, so there was no queue for tickets, and we bought a double … Continue reading


Yes, I know it’s “Touring France” but we do travel to other places, and this time we took two guests/friends to Germany and Austria. First stop Heidelberg. What a beautiful old part of the city, and we were staying at … Continue reading

Paris – and Roland Garros!

The flights from New Zealand to Paris seem to get longer every time! But we arrived at last and, joy of joys, it was RAINING!  Not too bad at first, but by the afternoon it was pouring down.  We use … Continue reading

Time to go!

Day before departure – chaos reigns, but I know we’ll be alright on the day!  All the bookings made (and adjusted), Train tickets booked for guests (copies in my folder), pick-up cars booked (copies ditto) and the weather forecast looks … Continue reading

The frustrations of setting up the tours!

Oh dear, here we go again! The tours well organised, the accommodation booked … and someone decides to sell their chateau. Not really their fault,Sylvie’s husband has been transferred to New Caledonia, but it IS the second time the lovely … Continue reading