From Paris to the Alps

Well, off on our tours again! We have 5 wonderful people with us and all is well.
After a morning of “false starts” (the car company we used to transport people to our pick up point had 2 drivers unable to find their way,& our driver was unavoidably half an hour late!) we finally made it to the Museum of the Great War at Meaux. A wonderful museum, built only recently, one would really need half a day to do it justice, but an hour had to suffice. Because lunch was reserved at an Alsacien restaurant – couldn’t miss that! Then off for champagne tasting and a tour of the Castellane cellars in Epernay, they give a great tour in English.

Our bed & breakfast, Parva Domus, was just around the corner, and it was amazing! The original home of the Moet et Chandon family, recently restored after having been left vacant for 10 years,and taken over by Monsieur & Madame Rimaire, a very charming & hospitable couple. Champagne on the terrace – how could we refuse?

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