En Route to Beaune

First stop, Mondemont-Givroux, to see the Marne Memorial. An amazing structure, and a panoramic view over the Marne Valley. The small graveyard at the church is very interesting, commemorating both the French AND the Germans who fought and died here. The ceramic display board shows the shifting battle lines – it’s hard to believe that this peaceful valley is drenched in blood.

I had read on TripAdvisor such good reviews of the Relais de la Marne at Langres that I decided to book for lunch en route. I was disappointed when Monsieur Vincent told me he wouldn’t be open on the Sunday as he was preparing for a big event. However, in the morning he phoned me to say that he would finish his prep work early and would open for our group!  So kind of him … and when we arrived, we found the restaurant almost full!  Word had obviously spread that he would be open!  And the meal did not disappoint, it was inventive and delicious, and we had a most convivial time. Will definitely go back.

Our stop for the night was Le Clos de L’Aigue, a B&B in Beaune. Beautiful grounds, a peaceful atmosphere, and a warm welcome from Sandrine & Laurent. As is usual on a Sunday, there was no supermarket open, and as our group had eaten a large lunch we didn’t feel like another restaurant meal. So Sandrine very kindly offered us aperitifs and tapas, just what we wanted. We sat outside and enjoyed the food, wine (2 bottles!) and company … and so ended our second day of travelling.

Aperitifs with Sandrine & Laurent, Le Clos de l'Aigue

Aperitifs with Sandrine & Laurent, Le Clos de l’Aigue

Vincent & Filanie, Relais de la Marne

Vincent & Filanie, Relais de la Marne


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