Copenhagen – wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

NNZ lamb in the market

NZ lamb in the market

NZ lamb in the market

Yes, it really was! We cleared customs at the airport with ease, bought the train tickets to the Central Railway Station (with the help of one of a band of volunteers who were there to assist travellers) & 3 stations later there we were. Finding the Scandic Weber Hotel was a little more difficult, as we walked from the station with all our luggage & the signage was not fantastic, but we arrived a few minutes later – to find our room was not ready! Free coffees offered and a pleasant sit in the courtyard – not a problem.

Dinner at a traditional Danish restaurant – expensive, & interesting that we were not able to just order an entree (after all the airline food, we really didn’t want a big meal), we had to order a main.

Glorious weather the next day, and a great day altogether. A walk around the nearby lake after breakfast, checking out the swans on their nests and the magpies which are so different to those in New Zealand. Then a meet up with our friends and a stroll into town to the pedestrian zone. The whole town was buzzing, people everywhere, music, hustlers – fantastic atmosphere. We had booked for a free walking tour of the city, so met our guide, Benjamin the Canadian, under the statue of Bishop Absolan on Horseback. Ben was so enthusiastic and gave us great insights into the life & times of King Christian IV. Apparently when Christian gained his majority and took on the royal role, he threw a 3 day party and had one of the town fountains running with wine! He loved women – it’s said he sired 19 offspring! We finished by walking through the Botanic Gardens and ending at the Food Market. Wonderful stalls filled with amazing food – including New Zealand lamb at 175 Danish Krone per 1/2 kg (about $NZ37.00) And what struck us most? Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles!!

Dinner was at a restaurant on the bank of the small lake we had walked around this morning. Unfortunately the indoors part was closed for a private function , so we sat outdoors – wrapped in rugs! We did have the advantage of a beautiful sunset, though!

And so ended our time in Copenhagen – we were bewitched!

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