Around and About in Tarn et Garonne

Some pretty little villages around our home base of Puylaroque, some attractive small roads, and some great views. Here is an interesting Cascade Petrifie ( Petrified Waterfall), on a tiny road we travelled to visit a chateau.


Cascade Petrifie

We had been told that in this chateau was a room which hadn’t been discovered for more than 300 years! (But we found this hard to believe … ) Here is the story : During the religious wars, Queen Marguerite of Valois, known as Queen Margot, fled from Agen pursued by the army of the King of France (Henri III ). Escorted by her two lovers and her guards, their flight led them to take refuge in the Chateau of Saint-Projet on September 26th and 27th 1585. After her departure her room was walled up and only recently discovered, with all it’s furnishings, during important building work. The chateau itself was quite plain, and quite deserted.


Chateau de Saint-Projet

In the nearby village of Caussade we visited the Information Centre , where there was an exhibition of the local straw hat industry. Apparently Caussade , along with nearby Septfonds, is the centre of straw hat making in the world! The exhibition had very up-to-date technology, with visitors wearing panama hats with a built-in auditory system, so that when one stood in a certain place one could hear the commentary. So that explains all the straw fields around here!

The hilltop village of Montpezas de Quercy had a very good restaurant ( Le Cardinal) which we decided would merit a return visit (!). But in the meantime the view was beautiful, and the monument to “The Martyrs of the Deportation, the Internees, the Hostages and the Resistants, 18 June 1940, 8 May 1945″ was very impressive.



And to finish – I said I’ld tell you about the bakery! A walk of 1.2 kilometres from the village we found La Boulangerie, all on it’s own in the countryside. We needed a coffee and patisserie to strengthen ourselves for the uphill walk home! Monsieur le boulanger, also M. Le Maire (the mayor) was a very affable man, happy to chat, and to tell us about his special cattle. A baker AND a farmer, and pleased to chat with a farmer from the other side of the world. His son is the pastry chef and those patisseries are DELICIOUS!


We loved Puylaroque … but it’s time to move on.


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