In the Alps 02.07.2013

David’s favourite part of France!  He loves the roads, the narrow mountain passes, the scenery – but not all the cyclists on the road!  This year, because the Tour de France was taking place, there were mad cyclists EVERYWHERE! Not easy for passing, and suicidal on blind corners. However, we made it to La Grave safely, with a special detour over the Col de Glandon – just to petrify the team!  There were still patches of snow around – the mountain sheep looked very brown in contrast.


We spent 2 nights at Hotel Le Castellan, a 2 star Logis de France with a GREAT restaurant. Would have eaten there both nights, but a friend had recommended Le Vieux Guide, a traditional restaurant hidden from sight below the road in this tiny mountain village – what a find! An Italian friend joined our group for dinner and a fine time was had by all. So nice for David not to have to drive, which means he can imbibe with the rest of us!

During the day there, some of the group rode the telepherique (cable car) to a height of 3200 metres to visit the Grotte de Glace (Ice Cave). Unfortunately only 3 could venture in because the others didn’t have approved footwear! (Note to self :check footwear!) The morning was damp with a misty rain, so the excursion was delayed until the afternoon when it was a little better. Unfortunately there were not the wonderful views we usually get, but it was still an interesting experience.

A walk up to the little stone church at the top of the village was strenuous exercise but wonderful views from the graveyard, and several old graves of mountain guides, topped with old iron crosses. La Grave is a ski resort in the main, with all off-piste skiing, but is a haven for cyclists & trampers in the summer. Always a good place to visit!

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