The frustrations of setting up the tours!

Oh dear, here we go again! The tours well organised, the accommodation booked … and someone decides to sell their chateau. Not really their fault,Sylvie’s husband has been transferred to New Caledonia, but it IS the second time the lovely Chateau d’Archambault has been sold. When Claude put it up for sale a few years ago I found another chateau which appeared to be very suitable … but turned out to be a disaster (remember it, Di & Helen & Jan?) Accommodation OK – except that Di & Helen had to share a bed! But most ungracious hosts and I vowed never to go back. Luckily Chateau d’Archambault was bought by Sylvie, who added her own delightful touches, including her love of anything to do with Marilyn Monroe! So we could continue staying in her lovely home, close by the beautiful medieval village of Noyers-sur-Surein. And now it’s being sold, it’s time to find somewhere else. Luckily there is an old coaching inn nearby, where we often have a delicious traditional meal, so with luck our guests won’t suffer from the change of accommodation!

It’s always a problem when one has to book accommodation before the tours are filled – how many rooms, singles or doubles, how many people to book into a restaurant? And this time I haven’t booked a villa on the Loire for Tour C (Normandy/Loire Valley) until the bookings come in, because the sizeable deposit is usually not refundable. Our bookings for Domaine du Cheyssignaguet in the Perigord Noir are always made, because the owners, Martine and Pierre, are always very understanding of the situation!

I’ve booked some lovely places to stay in in Normandy so I hope we get the bookings. There’s so much to see and do there – Monet’s Garden at Giverny, the Landing Beaches, the Bayeux Tapestry, Christian Dior’s family home, Mont St Michel … can’t wait to see them all again. Just need to get those places filled … !

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