Personal hosted tours for up to six people.

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Horses and Chateaus!

July 9th - July 23rd, 2020

A two week tour travelling from Chantilly to the Loire Valley.

Starting with 3 days in a beautiful Manoir in Chantilly, we visit the Chateau de Chantilly, which is one of the finest jewels in the crown of France's cultural heritage. The Château survived down through the centuries and remains as it was when the Duke of Aumale bequeathed it to the Institut de France in 1886, making it the perfect place to take a journey back in time to the heart of a princely residence. The art gallery contains the second largest collection of antique paintings after the Louvre. A guided tour of the Private Suites introduces you to one of the few princely suites dating from the July Monarchy that is still intact.

The Great Stables are the largest stables in Europe.The building houses the Museum of the Horse and offers equestrian shows throughout the year.

We then continue to Chartres, stopping at the Palace of Versailles. whose origins date back to the seventeenth century. It was successively a hunting lodge, a seat of power and, from the nineteenth century, a museum. With the gardens and the Palaces of Trianon, the park of the Château de Versailles spreads over 800 hectares. The gardens were created by the famous André Le Nôtre, a work which lasted 40 years.

We visit Chartres particularly to see the Illuminations. It's amazing to stroll around the town viewing the different scenographies - for instance, the Royal Portal of the Cathedral presents the history of Chartres since before the coronation of Henri IV. A stunning presentation - and we stay right next door to the Cathedral! So we don't need to move far to view the fantastic spectacle!

Next stop, Saumur. Overlooking the Loire river, the Château de Saumur is a medieval castle with a museum displaying archaeological finds, ceramics and tapestries. The National Riding School, home to the Cadre Noir display team, is known for its equestrian shows. The Cavalry Museum traces French military history with exhibits of uniforms and weapons. Hundreds of tanks are housed in the Armor Museum. We stay in a charming Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the town, walking distance to everywhere!

And finally, a week in a cottage on the estate of the Chateau des Ormeaux, just across the river from Amboise, with its grand chateau and also the Manoir de Clos Luce, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last few years of his life. We used to stay several times at the Chateau des Ormeaux, but now it is a private residence. What luck to find there is a cottage there to rent!

The Loire Valley is full of chateaus, gardens, vineyards ... so much to see and do! And seven days in which to absorb it all!


As this is a private tour, there are only 2 - 3 spaces available.


For further information, or to reserve a space, please contact through the addresses below.

Bookings close 28th February 2020

+64 63825564

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