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Meet your hosts: Sue & David Sweet

How long has your business been operating?
10 years officially, though we have been organising travel for friends for many years before that. We have also been operating a farmstay/fishing lodge in NZ for more than 20 years, so we are very used to hosting people.

What inspired you to start the business?
Guests asked us to organise & take a tour to France for them, which we did in 2000, & since then we have organised tours to France every year, & other tours on request (Croatia, Norway, Germany, Italy).
We also design self-drive itineraries for clients, again visiting the out-of-the-way places & staying in a wide variety of accommodation.

Do you travel regularly to Europe?
Yes, every year, as we personally guide each tour.

Are any other family members involved in the business?
No, not in Europe, though our son is a website designer and has designed our websites, and he and his wife continue our farmstay/fishing business while we are in Europe.

What do you enjoy most about running this kind of business?
Showing guests the out of the way parts of France we love, and introducing them to the French way of life. And of course, getting to Europe every year!

Do you have any funny/memorable/inspirational memories of the business to share with us?
Too many to mention, really, though since the bars are now non-smoking, our guests really enjoy going into a bar for a coffee or wine and chatting with the old fellows who sit there throughout the day. Imagine the looks on the old chaps faces when a couple of elegant women breeze in, with a sparkling smile and a cheery wave and a “Bonjour”! (As happened this year!)

Why should travellers consider Touring France for their next holiday to Europe?
We offer a relaxing, companionable holiday, with good food, good wine, and a chance to visit places one wouldn't otherwise easily discover. Because we personally accompany each tour, it becomes more like a group of friends travelling together, (only 6 people at the most) and indeed, many remain friends afterwards.
As we stay for 10 days in a luxury villa after travelling for a week, we have a “home” to return to each night, with no unpacking of suitcases each day, and guests can even help with the cooking if they wish, learning to cook the regional food and buying the fresh produce in the markets.
The main thing is that each tour is fully pre-paid, even down to a cup of coffee or an ice-cream. No hidden costs!


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